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Rated 'A+' by world famous beauty YouTubers! The next generation of clean, non-absorbent makeup application is here.
Easy To Clean
Limits Germs
Marshmallow Soft

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Customer Reviews

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Great makeup tool even for a non-expert

I started using a sponge only a few months back and then saw Tati Westbrook’s review this item so I decided to try. The price of my first drug store brand was much less expensive and worked well, after I ordered I was apprehensive on why I spent so much money on a sponge. However, after using, this really does apply your makeup flawlessly. It’s very easy to use and clean. And, they say this will last two to four times longer than other sponges, therefore, this item will not be any more expensive than the original brand I started using.
My only negative comment was that the package it came in didn’t explain that you needed to wet the sponge first before use, which I didn’t do for the first week. It also did t mention in the package not to use the bottom part for application, only for lifting off access makeup at the end, again, which I didn’t do for the first week. I happened to be online reading it. I do t understand why that wasn’t right on the bag it came in. Even though I was using it incorrectly at the start, my makeup still looked great. I’m just slightly concerned I may have damaged it too quickly and will have to replace it sooner than normal.


This sponge is all it's hyped up to be. The silicone surprisingly makes the perfect blending tool. Afterwards (in very rare moments) the spongey bottom perfects the look and takes away excess product like a beauty blender. After some trial and error, you get a feel for how much less product you need and don't use the bottom much until you change products. Plus it's sparkly purple!!!! Would definitely purchase again.


Nice blending.. worth the wait.

More Coverage Guaranteed

Same flawless application, no wasted makeup

You like premium foundation, so do we. That's why our Super Sponge makes the most of it; allowing for 2-4 times more coverage!

More Coverage = Less Spend on Makeup, Yay!

Quality is not negotiable

Top quality sourced foam, platinum grade silicone

Our premium coating infuses with the ultra-soft sponge, adhering to all of the micro-pores and enhancing the texture. You've never felt anything like this, it's magic!

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