Super Sponge


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Awesome sponge and customer service! ❤️

Great Product!

I was a bit skeptical, but I have to say, I really like this product. It applies foundation beautifully without absorbing all of it. So far,so good!


I was so ready to try something beyond a standard sponge but that really works. This works. I am still trying to be cautious not to damage it when I wash it, but so far so good. I'm glad I decided to try it and will probably buy another one. Not buying another beauty blender.

Best sponge ever!!!!

Love it!!


love it hope it will have big size in the future

Great sponge

This sponge is great and their customer service it’s amazing too. This sponge helped me achieve a full coverage look with my foundation. It didn’t soak up all of it either and it blended my make up perfectly. I will so recommend it.

Great new makeup sponge!

My daughter and I are both loving our new makeup sponges we recently received! We also believe we are using way less product this way! Love!

Took a little while to receive...

Took a little while to receive but boy it was worth it. Costumer service was kind and helpful when my order hadn’t arrived when it was supposed to and sent one out immediately! I actually love this sponge and my foundation goes a lot further! It’s my new fave and will be ordering more for my daughter!


It’s cute but I’d prefer the sponge with less of the silicone on the outside. It doesn’t seem to do much better than the beauty blender and gets dirty easily and dries slower.
Also they forgot my order and I waited 3 months until I contacted them. Other people got theirs within weeks.

Took a while with shipping bit it was worth the wait. I love this little gem!


Sponge gives a beautiful flawless canvas. Didn’t think I’d like it better than beauty blender. But I do! A lot easier to clean. More product on face than in/on the sponge

Unique and Awesome!

I am LOVING my Supersponge! Not only does it give a wonderful application and finish when applying liquid and cream products but it also achieves that with using much less product than traditional make up sponges! So good! The Supersponge cleans wonderfully too... I definitely recommend using the included cleaning pad, it really makes a difference ;)

I must say SUPERSPONGE provides excellent customer service... I will be a repeat customer for sure!

Awesome Sponge and Customer Service

Costumer service: I’m really surprised about the customer service. I emailed them because I had an issue with the delivery date (I was going to travel and wouldn’t have been able to receive the sponge). They were very sweet and sent it to me early. It arrived in less then a week. It is good if the product is nice but having a good/bad customer service can either make or break the deal for me. The Super Sponge customer support exceeded my expectations.

Sponge: When I first looked at it, the sponge looked rough; however, I soon discovered that it was extremely soft. The sponge’s silicone infused side really allowed me to use so much less product. I didn’t really use the regular bottom side of the sponge, but it is helpful to have it there for people that like it. My makeup was seamless and the coverage was really good. I’m looking forward to having this sponge for a very long time since it has a longer life span than the beauty blender. It was a genius idea to come up with this.

new FAV sponge

I love this thing! I feel like my makeup application is so much more enjoyable. The bottom sponge side is so soft and bouncy. Game Changer in the beauty sponge world!

Super Sponge

Love this sponge and the customer service was amazing.


This sponge gives an incredible natural finish, and I use so much less product now - it's crazy! My only issue is that I can't seem to get all the product residue off it when I clean it.


i LOVE this sponge. i have forgot all other sponges and im not looking back. this sponge applies my makeup perfect! not only that but it saves me money on my foundation because it soakes up no foundation at all and i love that! another thing i love because i am a bit of a germaphobe this sponge is anti-bacterial! this is a sponge made from the heavens sent down to me to enjoy lol. i truly enjoy this sponge and i even made a video on it.

Not received yet

its almost 2 months.. haven't received the product..
so Cant review..

Squishy 🤪

This sponge is amazing, knocks the competition right out the squishy I tell everyone they need one!


Completely love this sponge! I have a problem getting foundations to blend on my textured skin. This sponge has made a huge difference and how my Foundation looks. And let me tell you about blending out concealer! AMAZING!! Extremely happy that I ordered two right away. Will definitely be ordering more when needed.


I love the bounciness of it, I can noticeably see that I am not absorbing as much makeup into the sponge! It blends well I would recommend anyone to try it!

Love this sponge!

Not going to even pretend I didn't find this product through Tati's YouTube video. As soon as the video ended I bought two. Believe the hype people! Applies my foundation beautifully, and I am definitely using less product. It's also super easy to clean.

New Favorite Makeup Sponge

The quality of the sponge was beyond amazing! I used less than half my foundation and it blurred out all of my pores and imperfections!

Move over, Beauty Blender!

This sponge is absolutely amazing! It blends out the foundation better than any other beauty sponge I've tried-hands down smashes the original Beauty Blender! Super fast cleaning of the sponge too, whether you use the included scrubber or not. Make sure you watch the video on how to use it! It's definitely a different application method but I am hooked!

Expected More

Sponge was okay, wasn't as soft as i expected it to be. was still sort of firm even after soaked with water, its a nice product. just nothing extraordinary. I still reach for a beauty sponge more