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Makeup and Time Saver

This sponge saves me a lot of product and time applying my foundation. It's really soft and easy to clean. i absolutely love the scrubber that comes with it. my makeup looks flawless since i've switched to super sponge and so far, i've had no issues with it. it has held up though several cleanings and dries fast.

NIce sponge!

This is a very nice product. Bouncy and soft and basically doesn't take product like a traditional beauty blender. i would buy again.

Uses VEry little product

I like how little product I am using with the sponge. It helps to make my FOUNDATION last twice as long.

Surprisingly great

I bought this as a last ditch effort to make a foundation (that I wanted to love) work. It really didn't help. Not the Super sponge's fault - it was the foundation. Then I put it aside. A few weeks later, I decided to give it a try with a foundation I already liked. It was just perfect! So soft, easy to control, and easy to work into small areas of my face. I Have used it with two higher end foundations and both look much better with this sponge than with a regular blender. Good results with a stick foundation too. I don't need to use the regular sponge end much at all; the finish is very smooth without it. It cleans up nicely as well. I'm buying more.

Very Diff

I just got this recently and I only used it 2 times and so far i like it a lot, it doesn’t absorb the product which is a big plus and it’s easy to clean.

Almost perfect

It was kind of hard the first time I used it, But it became much softer after a couple of uses. And iloving Using it noe. However i find that the scrubber that goOd, i think its to soft and Cant wash the sponge properly. Also dont like that you cant just BUy the spOnge Without the scrubber

Super sponge

I use hardly any foundation for a beautiful flawless finish

sponge surface is rougher on sKin

Compared to beauty blender and silicone pad, Super sponge if rougther and Not suitable for open bIg pores users as it will cAuse the foundation blending look not amoot

I love this sponge,I decided to buy it because of thatis REVIEWand it has definitely lived up to the hype

I love this sponge i have to use so much less foundation

This is the only sponge i use now. I have one at work too to apply sunblock when i go for a lunchtime walk

Works well!

I tried this SPONGE from youtube reviews and the fact it was on sale for black friday. I bought two. I wouLd say the SPONGE Works well to spread foundation and other face products around easier, it doesnt soak up muCh at all. I still use a NoRmal sponge to soak up excess and blend better. This spongE doesnt make That seAmless look a normal sponge might. It is hard to cLean. I doNt regret the purchase. I think these two will last awhile and i might buy more next year. I would RECOMMEND it if it looks interesting or useful to you.

Love this sPonge

I dont know why they didnt come out on the market sooner this is a must for anyone who uses the other SPONGES its very easy to use and to clean no bacTeria to worry about!

Super easy to clean

Love this sponge its easy to use and more importantly Easy to cleaN. I Always avoided sponGes because it didnt matter how much i cleaned them they still felt dirty so it was nice to find a perfect product.

Love this sponge set

Tried tHis previously before and had to go back to regular beauty sponge because 1st one tore (dog Was mad at me). Thank gosh fOr black friday,i loaded Up! Have Been very careful cleaning it and KEEPING it safely away from others. Gave one away as white elephant... talk about fighting over it!!!

The abs Best

This sponge hands doen is the best Ive ever used. It gives such a nice finish and text on my face with my BB Cream, and it Never absorbs my foundation makeup, which saves me money! StiPple yoUr makeup with this snf it will look gorgeous :)

Good product, Bad Shipping

I already have a super sponge so i know i enjoy them however i ordered Nov 29th and got my shipping information december 4th and still havent recieved it. The tracking info gives no information of how long it is going to take. Im assuming they Wont be here for christmas Presents.

overall a good product

I bought this for half price on black friday and I saw Tati review it on youtube so I thought I would give it a try because I don't like using so much makeup with a regular beauty sponge. overall I like this product, I think its soft enough when wet and it doesn't soak up all my products. the one thing that I warn people to be careful of is popping the silicone off the sponge. when you are filling the sponge with water make sure to squeeze from the tip to the open sponge area. if you don't do this the silicone lining will pop off the sponge leaving a lose spot. it doesn't really affect much its just not as secure. but like i said overall i like this product. it works as advertised.

big fan from asia

i'm a Big fan of super sponge from asia! This is my second buy and stock up! recommend it to my friend and she likes it too! Will continue to use only super sponge for a looooooong time for sure!

I really enjoy this sponge set!

This is my second purchase of the super sponge. When it was time to retire my other one I went back to my normal sponge. I longed for my super sponge. I SMARTENED up and bought 2 this time. My makeup goes on so much better, looks so much more flawless and I use less PRODUCT. There is is such an amazing difference between this and a regular sponge.once you have tried the super sponge you'll realize the difference and you'll be like me and wonder why you didn't order 2. But now I'm wiser for the experience and happier for the knowledge gained.

Hily Grail

This sponge has cHanged the look of my foundation forEver!! So happy with it!

GREATEST INVESTMENT must have beauty product!

i love to wear a full coverage foundation strictly on the weekends because i like to take my time blending. this sponge allows me to take half or even less of the time thanks to the silicone. it is very soft and eye appealing. very easy to wash thanks to the scrub that comes along w/the does take time to dry and for the most part maintains damp but i think it is convenient when it comes to application. you don't have to use primer and make sure you dot your product rather than applying it straight with the sponge. i loved it sooo much that i bought another one so i can use it to travel. it outbeats all the other sponges and there is no need to use a brush.use the bottom side of the sponge to blend any product in the eye will not regret your purchase! :)

Just ok

I hI had high hopes for the sponge as I saw TATI on YouTube and she liked it. Unfortunately it was not so great. The sides are made of silicone and they are kind of hard on the face even when wet. I don’t think it blended as well as the sponge part on the bottom. So right now I’m only using the bottom sponge part of silicone part is useless to me. I would not recommend it.

Love it!

I really like the sponge! I think it is really well made and it will last a long time!

Please Reward yourself

Amazing tool that you need to buy if you are into makeup. I love it more than Any other brand. Doesn’t take too much foundation and it makes it super smooth. I ordered theee already and I am loving it.

Love the finish

i really love the way this sponge applies my makeup. it takes some slight getting used to, and i do wish it was the slightest bit softer. but my makeup looks almost flawless, and the scrubber makes cleaning my sponge easy and enjoyable. i’m relieved to know i don’t havr to go through sponges so fast for getting dirty like i did before. highly recommend! i hope some day i’ll be able to purchase through my local retailer.