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This sponge is amazing! Works way better than my other sponge, both in how much foundation I save and how it applies my foundation. Definitely worth the price! And I love that I can clean it so easily and get it in a pretty blue color

Good Purchase!

I was hesitant about buying the sponge bath bundle, but it was definitely worth it! Your super sponge will last a lot longer being maintained!

Amazing Product!

This is a MUST HAVE. After one use I was blown away by how little product I actually need. Exceeded my expectations! Get it! This was all that was left on the sponge after applying.

You need one

This product is actually much more useful than one may think. I usually pump liquid foundation on the back of my hand which ends up being messy and wastes product. With this super easy-to-use Blendish, I use every bit of product that I pump onto it and there’s almost zero clean-up. All I have to do it use soap & water on the Blendish when I’m done and set it out for my next use. So worth it!

The real deal

The Super Sponge really is special. It wasn’t until I used it for the first time that I could tell how much product I have actually wasted using traditional blenders/sponges. With the Super Sponger, I use less foundation but have more coverage. It’s amazing!


got feedback immediately when having trouble ordering and love the product!! got to my house in 3 days!! even with having shipping trouble (on my end)

The BEST makeup sponge I’ve ever used!!

This sponge is literally UNMATCHED!! I tried it on a whim after my sister was so thrilled about it, and oh my god!!! I will never ever use another kind of sponge again! I’ve never had such a smooth application of foundation on my face and been able to use such little product and have it go SO FAR!! I even love watching the sponge get clean again with the sponge bath! I will absolutely be telling all of my girlfriends about this product and insist on them purchasing! Every person that loves makeup NEEDS THIS SPONGE!!! This company did a phenomenal job on this product! Two thumbs way up, 5 gold stars, 10/10!

So cool!

I have so many sponges it's ridiculous! Just haven't gotten into the while sponge thing.....they don't do, in my opinion, what all the people claim. This one is really unique and I am having fun with it. Smooth application of makeup and much easier to clean. Love the Sponge Bath but it took FOREVER to get the inside cap off!!!!! After fight with it I ended up pulling the whole stick of product out with the cap still on! U really need to rethink the packaging! Horrible! But it is great stuff!

I bought the original one when it first launched and loved it very much. It was easy to clean and I did end up using less foundation. I’ve tried other sponges but nothing quite like this one. The first one came with just the sponge and a small pad to wash it with. This second version’s packaging is very handy for when traveling as it comes with a stand that doubles as a scrubbing pad and drying stand as well as the cover. This makes it easy and convenient to store and take on travels.

Super easy to use!

Awesome product, easy to use and clean! Love how the coated silicone blends concealer and foundation amazingly

I love my super sponge!

I have never had a sponge like this it’s amazing! I use less foundation and it covers so good! I’m not wasting a lot of foundation due to the silicone base this beauty blender has it’s isn’t absorbing it inside the sponge like all the other ones I just love it! I highly recommend the super sponge to anyone!

Cake Off is Amazing!

After seeing this product on Our Time Of The Month's YouTube channel, I knew I needed to try it. My teenaged daughter and I are both using it and are so pleased with how great it feels and how well it works. Fantastic product! It's great to use this instead of a cleansing balm some nights. It gets products right off and washes up super well.

A Sponge Like No Other!

I'm normally not fond of the regular beauty blenders due to the fact that they soak up so much of your products it's ridiculous! I saw the Super Sponge ad on my Facebook and saw that this product is also silicone based I decided to give a try. One it has arrived in the mailed I decided to test it right away. I was astonished by how well the sponge was able to soak up some water just like a regular beauty blender! I was like "OH. OKAY!" :) I was even more impressed with how much foundation I saved. Compared to the amount I usually use. My face was left with a flawless finish. I absolutely love it. Definitely worth the purchase.

Best blending sponge I’ve used

By far the best blender I’ve used. Uses less product than the average sponge, is easy to clean, and blends out makeup very smoothly.

Love it!

I got the first version a while ago and have preferred it way more then my old beauty blender. The 2nd version is even better!! It does take a small learning curve so don't expect it to act exactly like a beauty blender at first.

Very amazing

I saw someone review the super sponge and cake off, on tiktok and YouTube and I thought it was such a brilliant idea. I immediately bought one and when it arrived I was so excited to use both the sponge and the cake off. the sponge looks like its absorbing the product but it just sits on top of the silicone and I used barely any foundation!! I used the sponge bath to wash my sponge straight after and it made washing the sponge such a breeze, and the scrubber thing at the bottom on the container also really helped. When using the cake off, I was pleasantly surprised how easily it took my makeup off and how soft/ gentle it was on my skin. One issue I have is that my foundation stayed on the purple side of the cake off, but I just used the sponge bath on that area and it came right off. I could not recommend this product more.

Redefined how I think of beauty blenders

I have finally found this Holy Grail of a sponge - SuperSponge. I ordered the Fresh Face Kit that comes with a super sponge, sponge bath, and cake off. I cannot say enough great things about these wonderful innovations in the world of beauty blenders. The price and product performance is undeniably excellent - I absolutely love SuperSponge! It is so incredibly soft, smooth, and squishier. It blends out my makeup cream product so effortlessly and gives it this beautiful flawless finish I highly recommend SuperSponge! Further, their customer support is one of a kind- prompt, supportive, and friendly (Thank you so much Randa). Based on my overall experience, I highly recommend this brand and their product!

Little Magic Tool of Cream Contour!

I thought cream contour was always a bit of a fad, I never got it to blend nicely with my skin, always left patchiness. However, after using the SS I have never been more obsessed. I believe glowy skin is the new trend and this product blows it out the water. Not only do I save makeup, get amazing results but it also wipes away clean so I'm always using a super hygienic applicator!!!

The Perfect Bundle! Even for Textured Skin

I have uneven and bumpy skin and I was shocked at how well the Super Sponge glided on my product. It is definitely one of a kind. The whole bundle is absolutely incredible, this brand is A+ with product designs.

I am hijabic blogger

I have you tube channel Sabi Muslimka , I get this items for gift from this company for collab I never write before reviews now I wanna share with you this amazing products the beauty blender not absorb the foundation and very nice applying in my face🥰 the makeup remover pads I removed without remover liquid and soap for beauty blender was very good no fragrances all natural ☺️ I loved thank you so much for collab with me

Holy Grail!

I've used so many make up applicators and this is by far the best! Its easy to use, easy to clean, I definitely use less product. And the outcome is flawless! I love love love it!

Genius Tool!

I used to always pump foundation on the back of my hand (or knee when I was sitting LOL) but no more! The Blendish is the perfect size to pump and mix all of my makeup and with just one swipe of my Cake Off it's clean and back to brand new.

Why has no one thought of this!

This product is genius. I hated washing my makeup sponges and brushes before and this makes it so sooooo simple. I never have to get my hands slippery with clumsy bars of soap. Love love love!!

Will never go back to makeup wipes!!!

I am obsessed with this product. I'm shocked that I was even using makeup wipes before. There is absolutely no reason to keep spending $20 monthly on makeup wipes with strange chemicals that are also extremely wasteful. The Cake Off was able to remove even waterproof eyeliner with just water.

No breakouts!

The Cake off works fantastic and doesn’t cause my highly sensitive face to break out.