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It is not worth it at all. The sponge is super soft, which is great, but the silicone coating is so uncomfortable for your skin and application is also much dificult than with normal sponge. You use less makeup but your skin looks like a zombie.

I do not recommend at all.

Super Sponge V2
Ashley Johnson
Love it

Love it! 😀😀😀

Super Sponge V2
Emily Pearce

I love this sponge!! I have been testing this out for a a week or so now and it’s incredible! i love how it doesn’t absorb the product which keeps it soo much cleaning than an ordinary sponge! i love that it includes a case and a drying mat!

Genesee Clark
Does what it claims

I love this sponge and the little stand it comes with, it waists so much less product and in my opinion blends them more effectively compared to a real technics or original blender

Super Sponge V2
Kassandra Reyes
Worth It

It doesn't absorb the makeup like all my other blenders. The texture on the larger side lays the foundation a little rough but the bottom patch seems to fix that. I can actually wash this blender in an under a minute unlike my other blenders without needing to put them in a microwave or work miracles

Ok, this is also amazing! Part 2!

Ok, so, I got the super sponge! Blown away at how amazing. Wore my “face” all day, get home, time for cake off! Followed the instructions for “Cake off”. I laughed at how much make up was coming off. I got my make up remover and cotton pad to check, how well? Amazing! Not much of anything was left to be removed. I’ve had other reusable make removal pads and no good. This really does take the cake… off!

Super Sponge V2
Ok, this is amazing! Part 1

What! How can this work so well!? Honestly the first time I used the sponge, I had to clean my face and start again, ha, all good though, because it works. After a week, using the sponge daily, I love it. I’m using far, far, less make up, I actually get an even finish, and I’m so impressed. Also it look and feels so amazing!

Brianna E.
Amazing product

it works amazingly. it has saved me so much makeup since it doesn't get absorbed into the sponge.

deborah Rhoden
Love the bundle

I bought the bundle as it was good value and must admit that I love all of it. The makeup removing pads they are amazing, shocked they work so well but THEY DO WORK. The sponge is strange the first time you use it but it really works well once you get used to it.

Ceri Evans

I love this! Give u perfect looking foundation

Actually amazed!

Absolutely love this little sponge, my make up goes on so nicely, using less product & it looks flawless!!
Will definitely be buying again!

Super Sponge V2
Samiya Scannell
Brilliant product!

The sponge is super soft and is very accurate to the description, cleans really well and blends make up really well! (I didn’t even have to use the sponge side because the sili part did exactly what it was supposed to!! ☺️

Super Sponge V2
rachel Spilsbury
The best beauty blender

No waste and blends perfectly - love it

Super Sponge V2
Devin Wright

If you hate normal beauty blender sponges picking up all your product PLEASE buy this now! You will NOT regret it!! So far I've been using this sponge for a little over a year now and can't imagine what I was doing before. Not only do I use less product, but it leaves me with a really smooth, flawless finish and helps to cover versus pick up what I already put on my face (stellar I KNOW). Get this now!! It has been so good I even bought my mom one!

Taiba Maher
A bundle of perfection

I absolutely loveee the quality of their impressed. I love using beauty sponges love how soft it is and how it applied my foundation. i do enjoy that it does not soak up so much my foundation. Very easy to use and cleaning was easy too. must have bundle highly recommend 5 star products.

Super Sponge V2
Navya Immadisetty

I find it so much easier to wash this sponge. Where has it been my whole life?? 😭

Super Sponge V2
Cecyrie Adams
Blends AMAZINGLY and sturdy

I am so happy with it. It was 100% worth it, and I don’t think I could ever go back to regular beauty blenders

Alyssa Roa
Super Handy

I have had to mix two of my foundations to match my current summer tan and this works perfectly for that. I was also using it to dab my excess Dipbrow Pomade off of my brush, since it’s easy to just wipe clean!

Super Sponge V2
Alyssa Roa

I had been thinking about getting this sponge for months but had doubts about how it would blend my foundation. I finally went for it and I cannot believe how smooth the finish is from this sponge! I started off using about half the product that I normally would and got my face and neck covered just fine. I used it for my concealer as well and that blended perfectly. I understandthe whole sponge can’t be covered, but I do wish the silicone covered the round “bottom” side of the sponge as that’s what i normally use to spread the product over my face, but i’ll adjust because i’m never going back to a normal sponge lol

Super Sponge V2
Mara Patricia Moreno
Wow better than expected

Amazing I’m saving so much product easy to clean.

Super Sponge V2
Jenna Freeman

GOODBYE Beauty Blender. Seriously. This sponge is magic, just absolute magic. BUT you have to get used to it...and it needs to get used to you haha I fell in love with it on my 3rd use. because it got softer and started blending A LOT better. Once you get it right it does everything they promise!


ok I was skeptical...HOW can it not absorb makeup?! It's a sponge.
BUT IT ACTUALLY DOESN'T ABSORB MAKEUP! So I bought a second one, and now I'm using that to apply all of my expensive serums and skincare too! It's literally amazing. I have really good skin but you know I get the occasional small bumps ....GONE. Ever since I stopped using my fingers (even though they were clean) bumps have vanished. I'll never use ANYTHING ELSE!


All the hype has been confirmed for me! The sponge is awesome, as well as the customer service. Do not hesitate to give this sponge a try, you will be glad you did!


Super Sponge does everything they advertise! My makeup has never looked more professionally done. I love that products I apply to my face actually adhere to me and not the sponge. I love that it has a cute little see-through stand that is also functional with a built-in “scrubber” to keep the sponge clean. This is the best sponge I’ve ever used. Completely happy!

Great product

Love the little blendish great product money saver