Super Sponge


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Awesome little sponge

All the claims are true! The sponge doesn’t soak up your product, but it also feels soft and bouncy (unlike the chicken cutlet silisponge). I barely need to use the exposed sponge bottom at the end because using the silicone coated part already gives me an even blend. I also find that cleansing after use is super easy with the provided scrubber. Overall a great buy, and I’m pretty confident that it will last longer than a beauty blender as the claims state!

Not miraculous but good

I like it. Does what it promise. Clean well etc. For my foundation its soso but work well for my eye conceal. Thing i really did not like is that it has shinning particule on it it's pretty but transfer in my hand and on my skin.. They customer service is good and the color pretty.

Finally used it

I finally used my SuperSponge when I had finished up using my others... I adore it! Probably my favorite sponge with a close follow up being the Juno and co sponge. My foundatio applied beautifully and used so much less than I normally have to! It covered my fivehead with one pump of fenty with some left over, if that doesn't sale it idk what does.

Regret Purchasing

This company is in Canada, they did not disclose that during my purchase, nor did they state when I would be charged an $0.18 International Taxation Fee. I love Canada & don't mind the international taxation fee, I mind that they were not transparent! I saw the small charge & called my bank questioning it which ultimately wasted a good deal of my time.
I knew I was "pre-ordering", but 2 months after my initial purchase & 2 weeks past when I was supposed to receive my order, I sent an email to customer service cancelling my order BEFORE it was shipped, but a week later they shipped my order despite my request to cancel it. So I received the product. Customer Service advised that they would give me a full refund, but I would have to pay return shipping. It wasn't worth the time, money, & effort to return it so I tried it thinking, hopefully this sponge was worth all this mess. Nope, it is very hard & a little scratchy on the sides that you're supposed to use, the bottom is nice, but again you're supposed to use the sides for application. It just wasn't a pleasurable experience. I do like the little scrubby thing that it comes with, it didn't work to clean the sponge, but I do like the size & convenience for cleaning brushes, but that's a lot of money for a little scrubby. Plus it was all a huge hassle. Also worth noting when washing the sponge when I went to squeeze the water out of it so it can dry, I expected the water to come out of the bottom going down into the sink like every other sponge I've ever used - ya know - gravity!! Well this sponge shoots water out teeny tiny pin holes wetting the ceiling, wall, me. Basically - Save your money!


All the bells and whistles beauty sponges offer while only using half the product!

Great idea

The sponge works really well, it doesn’t soak up hardly any product so there is no waste when using it to apply my concealer and foundation. A bit pricey so I hope it lasts a long time.

Love This!

Not only do you use less product, this is way easier to clean and maintain compared to the Beauty Blender and Real Techniques sponges. It applies a little differently and takes a couple of applications to get used to but works just as well. I am really enjoying it and will be purchasing these exclusively in the future as well as for gifts!

Great depending on your skin & foundation

I really love the concept of this sponge and it definitely meets all expectations regarding ease of cleaning and product saved. Unfortunately it does not appear to mesh well with my skin type/foundation. I have oily skin & use Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet foundation; the silicone coating spread the foundation but it left clear blotches even after using the bottom to blend and blur. After three separate attempts, I was not able to get even coverage anywhere on my face. I firmly believe this is due to my specific skin type/foundation combination as three of my friends had perfect application with the sponge. I definitely do recommend others try this sponge if they have combo/dry skin.

Awesome sponge

This sponge works like a dream for flawless looking skin and it doesn't eat half of your product!

Since this sponge was Tati approved before it was released to the public, I decided to try it out, even though the price incl. shipping was a bit steep compared to the other makeup sponges I usually go for. Turns out it was a great investment!

There are three main reasons:

1) it doesn't eat my foundation. Especially with very liquidy foundations, sponges tend to soak up a lot of product. This one does not. That means more foundation on my face and less inside the sponge, which is way less wasteful. E.g. I tend to use The Ordinary's serum foundation. With a Real Techniques sponge, I use 3 pumps, sometimes more. With the supersponge I only use 1.
2) Because it doesn't soak up a lot of product, it doesn't get stained after one use and is easier to clean. It also seems better at surviving cleaning (in my experience, a lot of sponges begin breaking apart after a few cleanings, regardless of how careful you are), probably at least partly because you don't have to squeeze a lot, and because what little product is left on the sponge, is on the outside of the coating, and thus easy to remove.
3) It works even better than other sponges. I have tried pure silicone "sponges", and while they don't absorb any of the foundation, they aren't very good. The supersponge is the best of both worlds - it works just like a normal sponge, giving you a flawless finish and blending easily. It's quite firm, so it's easy to control the application, and I have experienced zero streakiness.

As a bonus, I can get two uses out of it, since the product doesn't bleed through to the other side. Just bought my second one!

Great Quality 👍🏻

Love the sponge so much!! it really absorbing the foundation so much lesser than others. The service was super good as well as my delivery was mixed up . They even offered to resent me again without cost.💞💞💞 Will definitely buy from them again!👍🏻

What's not to love?

Beauty blender is still my fav, but this one is my runner up!!!

Waste of money and doesnt give u money back

Didnt do anythin special . Will stick to original beauty blender

Amazing sponge worth the price

It is soft on the skin, really high coverage, but natural look. You can perfect your final ending really nicely. I had a small problem with the delivery and they fixed it right away. Thank indeed for the quality and support.

This Sponge is Super

I absolutely love this product! I had an issue with my first one since I was not properly storing it for my environment and the customer service team helped me get a new one. Highly recommend over a beauty blender since it does not absorb as much makeup and stays cleaner for longer.

Five star ⭐️

Love it just recurved it in the mail. So far so good


I use the BB foundtion and this applies the foundation better than their sponge!!! First used it when I went to a national park, hot springs, on a day the heat index was over 100. My foundation still looked like it had been melted into my skin instead of melting off. Plus, I use less with the sponge, and I believe it is easier to clean and holds up better.

Love it but it got squashed in the packagING and it left a dent in my sponge...but performance 100%

Love the silicone finish! Hard to clean

Really loved how it wasted no product compared to the regular B.B. much harder to clean and probably took 2-3x as long to get wet and soak and make sure it’s dry for application

Loved it

Awesome Sponge and the cleaning tool really is handy 😀

Excellent sponge

I have used other sponge but supersponge is than better for all sponge. I am happy!!!!!
(no soy muy buena con el idioma ingles, pero espero que me hayan entendido)

Good Concept, but Not For Me

I wanted to love it, but I find it really hard to work with. My foundation ends up looking patchy (unless I use the rounded bottom where there is no silicone), but then I find it “washes away” a lot of the coverage because I can’t squeeze all the water out of the sponge like a BB. I also find the silicone really rough and doesn’t allow you to “bounce” your foundation along, but you have to use a sweeping motion. Maybe if the pointed tip end was the one without silicone it would work better for me. Good concept, I just don’t feel it’s really user friendly.

Love it!

I love the sponge! I really like how I only need half the amount of foundation that I would normally need with another sponge. The makeup goes on just as well as my favourite sponges, though I notice that with some thicker formula longwear foundations, I have to work faster as it dries quite fast on the sponge and won't go on as nicely. So, for those foundations, I roll the sponge around to unused parts whenever I notice the drying starting. The cleaning part isn't as perfect as I had hoped. Sometimes you can still see a bit of the foundation colour on the sponge, but I think that's for any other regular sponges too. You just don't normally notice it as much due to the colour and the surface texture. The drying time though takes a few days longer so I bought extra to rotate. The sponge lasts longer than most of my favourite sponges though so the value is great!

As for the customer service, it's really amazing! All my emails were answered promptly and courteously, and they went out of their way to help. I would definitely recommend the Supersponge and will definitely be buying more when I need to replace.


I preordered it and I’m glad I didn’t pay full price... it doesn’t blend as well as every other beauty blender, sorry! Will probably try to find a friend who likes it and give it to her.