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Hily Grail

This sponge has cHanged the look of my foundation forEver!! So happy with it!

GREATEST INVESTMENT must have beauty product!

i love to wear a full coverage foundation strictly on the weekends because i like to take my time blending. this sponge allows me to take half or even less of the time thanks to the silicone. it is very soft and eye appealing. very easy to wash thanks to the scrub that comes along w/the does take time to dry and for the most part maintains damp but i think it is convenient when it comes to application. you don't have to use primer and make sure you dot your product rather than applying it straight with the sponge. i loved it sooo much that i bought another one so i can use it to travel. it outbeats all the other sponges and there is no need to use a brush.use the bottom side of the sponge to blend any product in the eye will not regret your purchase! :)

Just ok

I hI had high hopes for the sponge as I saw TATI on YouTube and she liked it. Unfortunately it was not so great. The sides are made of silicone and they are kind of hard on the face even when wet. I don’t think it blended as well as the sponge part on the bottom. So right now I’m only using the bottom sponge part of silicone part is useless to me. I would not recommend it.

Love it!

I really like the sponge! I think it is really well made and it will last a long time!

Please Reward yourself

Amazing tool that you need to buy if you are into makeup. I love it more than Any other brand. Doesn’t take too much foundation and it makes it super smooth. I ordered theee already and I am loving it.

Love the finish

i really love the way this sponge applies my makeup. it takes some slight getting used to, and i do wish it was the slightest bit softer. but my makeup looks almost flawless, and the scrubber makes cleaning my sponge easy and enjoyable. i’m relieved to know i don’t havr to go through sponges so fast for getting dirty like i did before. highly recommend! i hope some day i’ll be able to purchase through my local retailer.

Lovely sponge

I find it so much easier to use. Uses less product, keeps its shape and a lot less mess. Love the extra face cleaner too.

Absolutely HAte it!!

I was So excited to try this only to be so let down. It was the worst COVERAGE ever and just pushed the makeup around my face. I had To go get my old beAuty blEnder out of the garbage to finish my makeup.

Must have

This sponge is amazing you really need this in your makeup routine. It is a life changing product when it comes to apply your foundation. If you want your foundation to last longer and save some money because you won't have to buy foundation as often i recommend you to buy is so smooth, im OBSESSED.if you still iffy about it check my ig videos to see the result.

LOVE My Sponge!

I have usEd nothing else since i RECEIVED my Purple Sponge! It is Excellent & i use less make up foundatioN.
The little scrubber is a nice touch too for cleaning won’t be Disappointed! I will order again!

One word-Amazing

This is amazing sponge! Idont have to use a lot of product and it BLENDS so EFFORTLESSLY! I love it

good but not the best

i do enjoy that it does not soak up so much foundation. with the little scrubber that was sent with it i clean it so easily and quickly. from all the review i read i did expect it to be way softer than it was it a little hard even after i add water overall i still like it and will continue to use it .


Good Quality. Very satisfied customer

SupeR sponge truely super!

Love it so mUch i am ordering moRe!

Not my favorite

Ive used the super sponge a couple of times, so far It HASN'T been my favorite beauty sponge. I am going to Keep using it And see if my opion changes.


Love this sponge. I use less foundation and i don't get my hands dirty. I used to have foundation on everything. My skin looks so smooth. A must have!


works very well. I am Using way less product!

My fave!

This is by far my favorite makeup sponge!!! I love them so much that i have many spares! These apply liquid foundation flawlessly and you need to use less makeup as these sponges dont soak up the makeup!!!!!

Great for aging skin

This sponge performed great on my undereye area where i have lots of fine lines. I will be PURCHASING more!


I love the super spong,Its very soft,I can put makeup on easily, and clean easy. I'M SO IN LOVE WITH IT.

Excellent tool for a novice

This sponge does what is promises. surprisingly silicone makes this sponge the perfect blending tool. the the spongey bottom takes the look one step further and takes away excess product like a beauty blender. with some trial and error, you get a feel for this sponge and use much less product. for how much less product you need. as an added bonus, it's sparkly purple who could as for more. so glad i ordered two. Will purchase again when needed

This sponge doesn't suck!! It's fantastic

It is so soft and applies foundation like a dream, I use a minimal amount compared to my old sponge and cleanup is a snap! Couldn't be happier 😊

The best customer service!

I preordered my sponge 4 months before I received my product because it was lost somewhere in the mail during the delivery. Also took me a long time to realize that I never got my product. So I emailed them and got a reply right away apologizing that it got lost and they sent me another one right away and waved the shipping cost as well. I am so impressed with their efficiency and their way of handling my problem. I finally received my super sponge in my mail and I have been using it everyday since. Comparing to the traditional sponge, I like that it's Sturdy, compact and easy to clean. I don't think I'll ever go back to the traditional one as I am absolutely in love with the new super SPONGE!

Product overall

The supersponge came in a protective bag that had the purple bag inside it. The inside CONSISTed of the super sponge and the soft sponge scrub. The material is soft and DURABLE. Easy SCRUBBING, doesn't break easily and actually works well with facial BLENDING. Actually had fun twisting it as a test. It didn't rip off. The price is okay. Its some dollars down from the sephora blender and a bit pricey then the other cheap one ONLINE. Out of all blenders this actually worked out best. I like the quality of the product itself and definitely recommended it to my FRIENDS. If people are looking for a beauty blender then this is the one.


I like the sponge really. I saw it by Tati Westbrook. He is Soft and You dont waste to much product. this is important to me. Nice blending.