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Good Quality. Very satisfied customer

SupeR sponge truely super!

Love it so mUch i am ordering moRe!

Not my favorite

Ive used the super sponge a couple of times, so far It HASN'T been my favorite beauty sponge. I am going to Keep using it And see if my opion changes.


Love this sponge. I use less foundation and i don't get my hands dirty. I used to have foundation on everything. My skin looks so smooth. A must have!


works very well. I am Using way less product!

My fave!

This is by far my favorite makeup sponge!!! I love them so much that i have many spares! These apply liquid foundation flawlessly and you need to use less makeup as these sponges dont soak up the makeup!!!!!

Great for aging skin

This sponge performed great on my undereye area where i have lots of fine lines. I will be PURCHASING more!


I love the super spong,Its very soft,I can put makeup on easily, and clean easy. I'M SO IN LOVE WITH IT.

Excellent tool for a novice

This sponge does what is promises. surprisingly silicone makes this sponge the perfect blending tool. the the spongey bottom takes the look one step further and takes away excess product like a beauty blender. with some trial and error, you get a feel for this sponge and use much less product. for how much less product you need. as an added bonus, it's sparkly purple who could as for more. so glad i ordered two. Will purchase again when needed

This sponge doesn't suck!! It's fantastic

It is so soft and applies foundation like a dream, I use a minimal amount compared to my old sponge and cleanup is a snap! Couldn't be happier 😊

The best customer service!

I preordered my sponge 4 months before I received my product because it was lost somewhere in the mail during the delivery. Also took me a long time to realize that I never got my product. So I emailed them and got a reply right away apologizing that it got lost and they sent me another one right away and waved the shipping cost as well. I am so impressed with their efficiency and their way of handling my problem. I finally received my super sponge in my mail and I have been using it everyday since. Comparing to the traditional sponge, I like that it's Sturdy, compact and easy to clean. I don't think I'll ever go back to the traditional one as I am absolutely in love with the new super SPONGE!

Product overall

The supersponge came in a protective bag that had the purple bag inside it. The inside CONSISTed of the super sponge and the soft sponge scrub. The material is soft and DURABLE. Easy SCRUBBING, doesn't break easily and actually works well with facial BLENDING. Actually had fun twisting it as a test. It didn't rip off. The price is okay. Its some dollars down from the sephora blender and a bit pricey then the other cheap one ONLINE. Out of all blenders this actually worked out best. I like the quality of the product itself and definitely recommended it to my FRIENDS. If people are looking for a beauty blender then this is the one.


I like the sponge really. I saw it by Tati Westbrook. He is Soft and You dont waste to much product. this is important to me. Nice blending.

Great makeup tool even for a non-expert

I started using a sponge only a few months back and then saw Tati Westbrook’s review this item so I decided to try. The price of my first drug store brand was much less expensive and worked well, after I ordered I was apprehensive on why I spent so much money on a sponge. However, after using, this really does apply your makeup flawlessly. It’s very easy to use and clean. And, they say this will last two to four times longer than other sponges, therefore, this item will not be any more expensive than the original brand I started using.
My only negative comment was that the package it came in didn’t explain that you needed to wet the sponge first before use, which I didn’t do for the first week. It also did t mention in the package not to use the bottom part for application, only for lifting off access makeup at the end, again, which I didn’t do for the first week. I happened to be online reading it. I do t understand why that wasn’t right on the bag it came in. Even though I was using it incorrectly at the start, my makeup still looked great. I’m just slightly concerned I may have damaged it too quickly and will have to replace it sooner than normal.


This sponge is all it's hyped up to be. The silicone surprisingly makes the perfect blending tool. Afterwards (in very rare moments) the spongey bottom perfects the look and takes away excess product like a beauty blender. After some trial and error, you get a feel for how much less product you need and don't use the bottom much until you change products. Plus it's sparkly purple!!!! Would definitely purchase again.

Nice blending.. worth the wait.

Getting used to it.

I was pretty excited about trying this when it came time to get a new blender, and opted for something different! I definitely use less products then I would have to with a regular sponge! But at the same time I kind of relied on the sponge to pickup the extra as well, to where this one doesn't actually soak up your products at all! I'd buy again

Super sponge

Amazing new product absolutely love using it.

Pretty good

I like this sponge and I feel like it does a good job at applying my make up. It's also very easy to clean compared to the beauty blender..I love the little scrub it comes with. My only complaint is that after washing it/wetting it.. it seems to stay wet for over 24 hours.. and in my opinion, i'm not sure if it ever really 'dries out'. It's also difficult to get the entire sponge consistently wet and I've found it challenging to use in the under eye area.


I tried it after watching a YouTube video where it got great reviews.
Wanted to see if it was worth the hype.
Only thing I would say is that if you’re new to makeup application then you may have a bit of trouble working with it at first. Other than that it’s awesome and definitely worth the $ !!


Love it. And not only is it brilliant, blends wonderfully, it cleans up so well too!
And the customer service is beyond words amazing. They were so helpful and replaced my missing sponge without a question.

Purchased Another For Daughter

I received my first Supersponge in March and received it in May while it was on back order. I loved it so much that I purchased one for my adult daughter. I absolutely love it
and so does she! I love the fact that I am not wasting a lot of my Dior foundation as it absolutely holds up to its claim of using less product since your foundation will not be sucked into the sponge.

Muy buena

Me gusta que el acabado que deja en la piel matte ademas que es suave y muy manejable y lo mejor es que uso menos producto de lo usual muy buena esponja la compraria nuevamente 100% recomendada

Love this sponge!



Love it! So much nicer than any other blender I have ever used!