Looking for Customer Support?

Please contact support@supersponge.com and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible (within 24 hours at latest)!

Difference from standard blenders?

The Super Sponge is the first ever makeup sponge with a protective coating. We start with an ultra-soft sponge that we then coat with our specialty formulated silicone barrier. We've spent over two years designing this blend of materials to ensure that the Super Sponge still felt soft and squishy, while increasing it's strength.

Difference from 'silicone blenders'?

Silicone blenders (aka. thermoplastic polyurethane...) are hard, pull at the skin and don't bounce or blend. Our patent-pending technology has been worked on for countless hours to ensure it would bounce and glide on skin. Plus, 95% of the Super Sponge is ultra-soft sponge material, so it's pretty much a sponge with a protective coating. Duh!

What are we made from?

The Super Sponge is made with an ultra-soft, well textured foam then infused with a platinum grade silicone. The coating has taken us years to perfect, since we didn't want to launch a gimmicky product. We wanted a long-lasting, makeup-extending, germ-fighting, soft-feeling Super Sponge!

What is your Refund Policy?

We are very flexible! For unexpected cancellations we will charge a $0.99 cent fee to help with our processing fees (if you remind us before we ship!).

Once product has been received, only unused product can be returned and refunded within 30 days of it being received. 

If you are unsatisfied with your product for any reason, we will gladly work with you to find a solution. Please contact ena@supersponge.com if this is the case! 

Can you explain how it's designed?

Sure. The Super Sponge has two sides, the coated top and the uncoated base. The coated top is designed to glide and bounce your makeup flawlessly while preventing any of your product or nasty germs from seeping deep within.

The uncoated base has a dual purpose:

1.) It prevents the sponge from being airtight with silicone (think of an air trapped balloon that can't bounce or spring back nicely)

2.) It allows for any final touch ups or to remove excess foundation. As long as the uncoated base isn't used to directly apply makeup, you can ensure a long and clean lifespan.

How do I clean my Super Sponge?

Simply lather your sponge AND scrubber well with soap. We find that a bar of soap works best, but any skin-safe soap will do. Then scrub away with lukewarm water until it's clean. If you frequently use the uncoated base, you may need to give it a more thorough cleaning. 

Does the scrubber come included?

Abso-friggen-lutely! (aka. Yes it does)

How long does it last?

You can expect your Super Sponge to last 2-4 times longer, if well taken care of. Our protective coating not only prevents makeup and germs from seeping in, it also creates a stronger, more durable sponge that doesn't chip as easily as a regular makeup blender.

When can I expect to receive my pre-order?


Super Early Bird (SOLD OUT) orders will ship out in mid April, so depending on where you're located, you can expect to see it a few days later (ie. USA & Canada) or up to a couple weeks later (ie. Worldwide). 

EARLY BIRD  will be shipped out in June.


Is it Latex-Free?


Fun Fact: Silicone does not cure with latex present, so we couldn't use it even if we wanted to!

What is Sponges for Sponges?

Sponges for Sponges is a charity we're creating to give back to the coral reefs. The corals are the rain forests of the sea, housing 25% of all marine life, and they are dying at an unprecedented rate. If nothing is done to rebuild and save the reefs, the chain reaction will be devastating and felt by all. We are planning to give back at least 5% of our profits in our first year and hopefully grow the number as we expand as a company.

What are your beliefs on sustainability?

"Be the Change you want to see in the World."

We are extremely passionate about creating a better future for all and we want to set an example for every single company. We are currently exploring more sustainable packing options and ways to most effectively help the coral reefs.