Our Story

Who are we

Here at Super Sponge we'd like to think of ourselves as more than just another makeup brand! We’re beauty innovators, always challenging traditional makeup applicators through never-ending improvement and science. Our goal is to give you the most flawless foundation routine while saving makeup, ditching germs and staying clean. We're here to help you help you ace your base! #FoundationFirst

Where we come from

Rewind to 2018 when the first idea for a non-wasteful makeup sponge crossed the mind of Ena & Jhordan Stevenson. With their past work experience in engineering and design, they wanted to try coating a regular makeup sponge in a nonabsorbent coating. Thousands of iterations later in their home kitchen, the first Super Sponge was born! From then on, consistent improvements have been made (Super Sponge V2) and coating machinery was built.

What we're about

We want everybody who uses Super Sponge to feel powerful. Our aim is to empower women and men around the world to feel positive and confident when they have been use our products. Innovation is our forefront, backed by uncompromising quality - to make you feel flawless every day!