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The Makeup Sponge of 2021 - Beauty guru top pick

You’ll never go back to your makeup sponge again!
The Makeup Sponge of 2021 - Beauty guru top pick

First impressions matter with this makeup sponge

As you may already know, there are a ton of different makeup sponges available in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Textures differ slightly from one makeup sponge to another, but they are all pretty much “same, same, but different”. Who do we turn to for the best and most trusted beauty product advice? Well, of course, Beauty Gurus! Honest first impressions matter, that is why Super Sponge has put their product to the test with many of your favorite Beauty Gurus.

“Attention class, we may have a front runner sponge!” Tati Westbrook stated in her YouTube video in 2019 during the pre-launch of Super Sponge Version 1.

Proven to be worth it

Spending their days testing countless products, Beauty Gurus seriously know what’s up! When they announce a product is a “Game Changer”, we are surely inclined to trust their word. Of course, every Beauty YouTuber has their own makeup application style and preference, but there is no denying that some makeup tools are especially worth your attention. With the launch of Super Sponge Version 2 in 2020, reviews have only continued to grow in a positive direction. “Literally won’t absorb your makeup. It’s crazy! Spreads my foundation like a dream.”  With over 500 Five Star Reviews, Super Sponge continues to shock and amaze the makeup-loving community worldwide.

Reinventing makeup application  

With consideration of constructive feedback from the Version 1 product, Super Sponge’s Founders have reinvented the sponge, creating a remastered formula now known as Super Sponge Version 2. The sponge is marshmallow soft and comes in a multi-functional, one of a kind packaging. It is merely impossible to create a product that fits every person’s needs, but Super Sponge has come remarkably close by eliminating the usual “Cons” of a makeup sponge.


  • Latex-Free
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Marshmallow Soft
  • Doesn’t absorb your makeup
  • Gives you 4x more coverage
  • Ultra-Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Package includes a Free Scrubber


  • There is a slight learning curve for some

You’ll never know until you try

After watching several YouTube videos on Super Sponge reviews, you may notice overall positive first impressions and feedback. Just like any innovative product; use and care instructions may be a little bit different than what you are normally used to. By checking Super Sponge’s Instagram page for updates and following the product’s instructions carefully, you are setting yourself up to reap the benefits of its unique, one of a kind features. What makes Super Sponge’s features different? Click here for the details.

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