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Can a makeup sponge actually be stain resistant?

Putting the world's most stain resistant makeup sponge to the test.
Can a makeup sponge actually be stain resistant?

A Stain-Resistant makeup sponge, are you for real?

Do you ever wonder why your makeup sponge stains so easily? The answer to this question is quite simple: Most, if not all makeup sponges are made of the same material on the outside and throughout. A soft, spongey, absorbable material is bound to soak up your favorite foundation and can stain easily. Unlike any other sponge in the market, Super Sponge has a skin-safe silicone coating, called “Sili-Fusion”, which is made up of a very thin medical-grade silicone. This unique coating covers most of the sponge, preventing makeup absorption and allowing makeup to glide off during its bath. It may seem like magic at first, but it’s simply good old science - it really works!

The perfect match!

The days of makeup sponge washing struggles are finally over! No more microwave and washing machine hacks – In fact, you can kiss all sponge washing hacks goodbye, because Super Sponge has now solved what seemed like mission impossible. Washing your sponge with a bar of soap can also be tedious; slipping and sliding out of your hands and making a mess on your vanity. What if your bar of soap came in a cute, mess-free, portable container? That’s where Super Sponge’s companion comes in handy! Sponge Bath was created to make your sponge washing experience easy, and most importantly: practical. 

4 simple steps on how to keep your makeup sponge clean:

  • Start off by soaking your Super Sponge thoroughly in water, allowing the water to enter through the uncoated bottom.
  • Next, lather it with Sponge Bath to gently remove any makeup and rinse.
  • Then, squeeze all the water out, again, through the uncoated bottom part (squeezing it the wrong way can pop it!).
  • Lastly, place your sponge on its drying stand, and leave it to dry in a well-ventilated area.

Soaps can break down your sponge over time and may contain harsh, drying chemicals. Therefore, Sponge Bath is made of only the most gentle, unscented, antibacterial ingredients.

A smart skin-vestment  

Especially if your skin is prone to acne and breakouts, it is crucial to keep your makeup tools clean before each makeup application. All great things start with a solid foundation. In this case, your makeup sponge is the foundation of your foundation – Pun intended! Double cleansing your sponges may be time-consuming and cleaning your sponges can feel like a chore. Testing out and buying all sorts of makeup cleansers in hopes of finding the right one may also leave a dent in your wallet. Save time with Super Sponge and treat it to a satisfying Sponge Bath. Save on our Bundles today!

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